Global Land Cover - Simple Biosphere Model (Sellers and others, 1986)

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0 Interrupted Areas
1 Evergreen Broadleaf Trees
2 Broadleaf Deciduous Trees
3 Deciduous and Evergreen Trees
4 Evergreen Needleleaf Trees
5 Deciduous Needleleaf Trees
6 Ground Cover With Trees and Shrubs
7 Groundcover Only
8 Broadleaf Shrubs With Perennial Ground Cover
9 Broadleaf Shrubs With Bare Soil
10 Groundcover With Dwarf Trees and Shrubs
11 Bare Soil
12 Agriculture or C3 Grassland
17 Persistent Wetland
18 Dry Coastal Complexes
19 Water
20 Ice Cap and Glacier
21 No Data